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Architecture Biennale ︎ Identity System Design ︎ Type Design

Architecture Biennale (AB) is a cultural platform whose main objective is to bring together leading voices in design to discuss issues impacting architecture in modern-day society. The 2022 AB, located in Rotterdam, focuses on the process of how structures are built. The modularity, repetition, and the use of switching grids in this typeface capture a vivid moment of the architecture-making process in a contemporary urban environment.

A Book of Signs ︎ Print Design

"A Book Of ___ : "investigates the study of meaning through the concept of semiotics. The information is conveyed appropriating the structure of a dictionary, which enables the reader to examine the particular elements of semiotics from the spoken words, to the written words and to the mental concepts. Each tab leads to a different part of the narrative that leaves the reader with a question: what does the word "language" really mean?

When the reader flips the pages in this book. The size of the images and size of the typography keeps getting smaller and smaller. The definition of an “image”, of a certain “word”, of how we receive information becomes vague and reconstructs along the experience of reading.

[onomato’pe] ︎ Identity System Design 

Onomatopee Projects is a curating and editorially led public gallery and publisher that is particularly known for their self-initiated and trans-disciplinary projects. The logo—[onomato'pe] stands for the phonetic alphabet pronunciation for Onomatopee in Dutch language (which means onomatopoeia). The logotype is modified and based on a custom typeface: Casual Grotesque. The Opening legs of the characters give the identity a sense of casualty and warmth. The visual language such as repetition, vanishing and breathable distance for [onomato'pe] is simply inspired by how a word is pronounced and the pauses and stresses in phonetic alphabet. The logotype reacts to different sizes of the collaterals, breaking into different parts of the logo form. The random appearance of each syllable forms the identity of [onomato'pe] naturally.

Casual Grotesk ︎ Font Design

Casual Grotesk is a very versatile san serif typeface. It performs quiet and subtle in text sizes while clean and powerful as a display font, delivering a sense of warmth and casualness.

Museo dela Moda Milano ︎ Identity System Design 

Museo dela Moda Milano (MMM) is a hypothetical fashion museum. Fashion shows nowadays are changing at a rapid speed. The runways in a show resemble the stage of the fashion industry while the role of Museo della Moda Milano is the backstage of the runway, It is a showroom that unveils the unseen and the process that happens behind the glamorous runway shows. The logo form is a road that has a loop along the way. It represents the fashion journey from the past, present and to the future while also reflecting the path of a runway walk. The models take turns at every corner of the t-shape stage, which is the reason behind the sharp 90-degree angles. The secondary language of the brand are dotted lines that represent both blueprints that the dressmakers are accustomed to and also the movements MMM wants to take towards the fashion industry.